Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Shifty Shades of Grey

With the success of Man of Steel, fanboys and girls all over have been clamoring for news on the future state of the DC cinematic universe. San Diego Comic-Con 2013 answered some of those questions with the reveal that the sequel would introduce the new Dark Knight in Superman vs. Batman. Naturally, these two titans would bleed into the Justice League with rumors of The Flash and Aquaman movies in tow.

One character, however, who's been in development hell for years is Wonder Woman and her film career is still in limbo. Creators from both the comic book and film world alike claim she's impossible to bring to the screen while others claim that it's the studio heads who have just worked themselves up into a corner that she's unfilmable.
Even within the comic book world, famous and talented writers have struggled to find her voice and, as a result, she's never had a definitive story that could translate into a feature film, save her ever-changing origin tale.
What people need to understand is that she's really not so complicated. Or, rather, she really is.
Audiences understand Batman and Superman. One lives in the dark, the other in the light. They are stark contracts to each other but are easily relatable.  Wonder Woman, however, is a bit more grey than the gents in DC's holy Trinity. But where else have we seen blurred lines in a strong female character?

Oh yeah! DC's other most famous leading lady, Catwoman!  A gal who will say one thing, do another, change her mind, and then make her own self-serving plans!  A feline femme fatale who walks the line of light and dark, stealing from the rich but doling out justice as she sees fit. A definite grey area that slots her in neither hero nor villain territory.
But lo, there's Wonder Woman.  Sure, a champion of the good guys... but not so wholesome as Superman. She's on a mission of peace, but she'll beat you over the head with a truck if you cross her. Stunningly beautiful but also terrifyingly intimidating. Granted great wisdom but also great naiveté to the customs of Man's World. Gentle as a warm spring wind... but could also slash open your throat with nary a tear shed.
Y'see kids, yes, she's not Superman. She's not Batman. She's neither dark nor light. She's a very dangerous, wild card grey. Not to be all sexist but some women just are!  And that's okay! It's worked wonders for Catwoman, why can't we celebrate everything that makes Wonder Woman a walking contradiction and throw it up on film?
The moral of the story here is that Wonder Woman is to Superman as Catwoman is to Batman: light and dark. Only less obvious, more nuanced. Truly more well-rounded, versatile, and layered than their male counterparts. Catwoman's dubious shades of grey have led her to great success in all mediums, now it's time to put good ol' Diana front and centre for the world to see what she can do!
Lastly, in a jumble of other "this is what I'd like to see!" of Wonder Woman-ness-on-film, if studios are scared of the one-piece bathing suit?  Give her a Greek soldier look, similar to what we've seen with Erica Durance's version in Smallville.  And as for casting?  Has anyone seen Lynda Carter's daughter, Jessica Altman, lately?! 
And that's my two cents for what it's worth!