Friday, 28 September 2012

Scremed My Pants

It may only be September but that doesn't stop retailers from flooding shelves with the next great holiday, Halloween! As always, it's the same wares that are slowly popping up but one new candy caught be completely by surprise and made me weak in the knees.
Creme Eggs are as synonymous with Easter as Santa dying for our sins.  It never occurred to me that these chocolate balls of fondant and mystery gel could translate to other holidays.
Enter Cadbury Screme Eggs in no less than three wrappings: brains, slime, and mummy!
Instead of chocolate abortions filled with white and yellow filling, they're now packed with green sliiiime!  CreeEEEEeeepy!
As with most of my shopping and sexual experiences, the hunt was far more satisfying than the end result.  They still taste exactly like Creme Eggs... which is not great.  That said, I'm still giving these my seal of approval by simple merit of being unexpected and slime-based. Anything involving slime gets an automatic thumbs up.