Saturday, 10 September 2011

The X-Men are Complete... Sortof.

As I first spazzed over in my last post, the images featuring Cyclops and Wolverine's two new (and separate) X-teams in the upcoming Regenesis storyline is complete!

Looks like Cyclops is alive and well, headlining Uncanny X-Men alongside Emma and Magneto while Wolverine is joined by Rogue, Beast, Gambit, and Cyclops' daughter Rachel Summers.

To be honest, this is very reminiscent of the 1990's split between the X-men where they broke into Gold and Blue teams. Blue having all the sexy and cool characters while Gold had... everyone else.

I'm no fan of the over-saturated Wolverine but he's got the best toys, hands down. The one interesting element is Psylocke who appears in both images: in adjectiveless X-Men as well as Uncanny X-Force. X-Force of course is the super secret black ops team that no one even knows about so it might be fun to watch poor Betsy begrudgingly straddle the fence.

Overall? Meh. This smacks of a marketing scheme and I'm too pumped over DC Comics' New 52 to be bothered buying eight damn books just to see talking heads spew on about how hard and, like, stressful and junk it is to be in a splintered team.

Cool idea, Marvel. But no sale.