Sunday, 15 August 2010

Cartoon Gender Bending

Whether for cheap laughs or introducing children to sexual ambiguity, cartoons from all ages have blurred the gender lines time and again. Cross dressers, trannies, and everything in between are showcased on Saturday mornings and breeding curious and creeped out kids the world over.

The grandpappy of cross dressing hares is Bugs Bunny. During his original Looney Tunes run, Bugs went in drag to lure and befuddle Elmer Fudd an astonishing seven times! I guess Elmer had a thing for chicks with dicks and a lot of facial hair...

Pacman's success spawned a sequel arcade game that most agree was far superior to her male counterpart. But what made Ms. Pacman feminine you may ask? A bow. That's it. A friggin' bow! At least Minnie Mouse had a dress and eyelash extensions but Ms. Pacman's womanly wiles were constricted to a hairpiece.

Oddly enough, if you remove said hairpiece, BLAM, it's Pacman. Coincidence or classic case of closet case?

In a fan favorite episode of She-Ra, Princess of Power, a bounty hunter named Huntara is hired to kill our hapless heroine. Granted, she was pretty bad ass but with her gruff voice, broad shoulders, and red lipstick (no self-respecting woman would ever wear red lipstick), she raised some suspicions. Think WWE's Chyna. Only with violet skin. And with a smaller penis.

One of the stranger villains from Super Mario Bros. 2 was a pink dragon who wore a bow and spat out eggs. And no, not from her sniz, her mouth.

If anyone's ever actually read the user's guide that came with the game, you'll find this brief bio on "Ostro." It's... yeah... it's just... yeah. Sexually confusing.

Of course this trend is in present day cartoons as well. In The Venture Bros, a recurring joke is the sexual ambiguity of The Monarch's girlfriend, aptly named "Dr. Girlfriend."

Her homage to Jackie O goes right down to her gravelly voice (which is actually voice acted by a man). Throughout the series people have constantly questioned just how womanly she is even though she's left a string of villainous broken hearts in her midst. She must have something going on for her. If if it is a huge wiener.

Batman: The Brave & the Bold featured one odd villain, Babyface, but also his lady love Mrs. Manface. Mrs. Manface had, well, a man face, complete with square jaw and five o'clock shadow.

Luckily, their crime spree was short lived. When "she" asked Batman if he would hit a lady, he responded with "The hammer of justice is unisex." An odd term since I'm pretty convinced she's got her own hammer. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, cough, cough.

And there you have it. Creepy? A lil' bit. Funny? Hells yeah! And that's what matters to the kiddies in the end, isn't it?