Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Y-M-Yo Joe!

Wherever young men were looking for everything they need to enjoy and hang out with all of the boys, they'd break out into dance, spelling out "YMCA" with their arms and singing along to really, really gay cowboys, construction workers, cops, Indians, and so on.

Yes, the Village People had all the gay fetishes down pat. But I'm not here reminiscing about 70's disco. This isn't that kind of site. I'm here to wonder where else we've seen this.

Oooh yeah, the cast of G.I. Joe!

While better known as defenders of American soil from terrorist organizations, the Joes were also notorious for having the most lax dress code of any military unit.

And what do we have here? A cowboy.. leather daddy... sailor... Indian... and oddly enough, at the end of each episode, they'd talk to kids about how to play safe.

Did G.I. Joe have a Village People agenda? With "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in full swing, it's natural to believe that America's highly-trained special mission force were required to hide their homosexuality but could still imply it through battle cries, fetish wear, and having fun down in the gym.

Yo 'mo!