Thursday, 25 October 2007

Yellow Fever

In my unending quest to find ways to kill time and amuse my adolescent mindframe, I scour the internet for the weirdest shizz. I even sometimes feel like sharing.

Not too often though. I inherently loathe sharing.

, I found this link that lets you build skanky LEGO people! After boring myself with making variations on myself, I had to start making skeletons in hooker boots.

Ah, LEGO you ol' dog... from educational building blocks to sadomasochist whores...

Monday, 22 October 2007

My Couch Isn't Cool Enough

It really shouldn't be surprised by this. If anything, I should be scouring eBay right now.

"Bekky" is a sofa made up of several rubberized foam pieces shaped like LEGO. Don't like your design? Hell, re-arrange all the pieces to make your couch into a loveseat and ottoman.

Finally, furnishings that compliment my He-Man and My Little Pony displays instead of betray them!

Too bad it'll set me back $466...

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

One Hot Potato

Forget lead content in Mattel toys, kids have bigger problems with their toys!

Over ten ounces of ecstasy pills were discovered hiding in Mr. Potato Head's backside by Australian Customs.

This pacifier-sucking spud was found inside a parcel en route from mother Ireland.

Upon opening the package, the officers found the smiley face of everyone's favorite changeable, rearrangable potato pal.

However, when officers removed the toy's storage panel located on the back of the figure, they found a plastic baggie with 10.34 ounces of ecstasy inside.

In retrospect, I'm not all that surprised. Call me a cynicist but the buggy eyes? The blue geek glasses? The Pumas? Yyyyeah...

I guess this spells doom for the long-awaited revival of Popples toys.

You could probably stuff a whole meth lab in Party and PC's pouches...

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Stuff & Nonsense

I'll be honest, I had never really envisioned myself a "blogger" but:
1) I rather enjoy the word "blog";
2) I'm a wordsmith; and
3) I've got way too much free time to ponder what brand of tampons She-Ra uses and if Optimus Prime ever had colon cancer.

Anyway, welcome to the new House of Nostalgia. The original was posted on Friendster before it started whomping and then transferred another site which drove me nuts.

From here on out I'll be transferring favorite old articles plus new trips down memory alley. Thanks for reading!

-Randy Andy